Century Testing & Consulting Inc. is a proven combination as an organization and employee team to execute the necessary tasks. Our Project Managers at CTC have the richest knowledge and experience on numerous projects. CTC provides inspections for reinforcement steel, steel field, fireproofing, welding, and soil.

CTC has a testing lab facility in New Hyde Park to accommodate all testing needs and conforms to the Department of Environmental Protection. Our Professional Engineers are constantly supervising the laboratory and numerous certified inspectors (ACI, NICET, DOT, etc) are available to perform in-house testing. We possess our own concrete strength equipment, core drill, sand cone, shear stress tester, Triaxial Testing Machine, soil boring truck, dye penetration equipment, torque ranch, ultrasound meter and many other types of equipment necessary to accomplish bulk inspections simultaneously. We also own numerous cars dedicated to field inspection in order to accommodate the pressing needs of the client. Presently, CTC has the capability of conducting all construction related testing including but not limited to chemical analysis and evaluation, failure analysis, material & science corrosion control, and metallurgical testing. We have professional associations with other agencies to conduct these and many other tests.

From its inception, CTC has had positive cash flow and profitability. We are financially stable and capable of performing the tasks required of all our current and potential clients.